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Dorcas Ntumba , an accomplished independent fashion stylist, is best known for her intuitive fashion savvy and relaxed demeanor. With pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion from the University of Houston, Go COUGS!, and a passion for fashion, Dorcas expresses a fervid, cutting-edge approach to style.


Dorcas, being aware of fit, figure, color, proportion, and the ability to observe and understand perfectly what each client needs, is ready to deliver your needs beyond expectations.


As a Personal Stylist, Dorcas gives her clients fashion tips as tools clients need to create flawless, fashionable looks without assistance and struggle.



Unique prints and bright colors that contrast and highlight my brown pastel skin are my favorite fabrics to work with. I take such things into consideration when working with my diverse clients. All skin tone, style, and body type are considered. My custom approach to design and fashion consultation focuses on highlighting each client’s special attributes.


I am an adventurous fashionista who dares to try new looks each day. I stay in trend but also feel comfortable owning my unique style and working with different budget levels.


Clients come to me when they feel adventurous and excited to dress the part. My goal is to make clients look fabulous without breaking the bank. Most importantly, I help them feel incredibly confident with outfits that match their authentic and unique personalities.


                                 – Dorcas Ntumba





 Dorcas Ntumba
Founder and CEO  of Lady Gazelle

 Let's get personal, shall we?

Dorcas is a daughter to two great and loving parents, Pastor Siver and Florence Moses, that inspired her to be what she is today. Dorcas is the third of three gorgeous sisters, Loriane, Marlene, and Consolate. "I have always had a drive for fashion, it's in my DNA" Dorcas said. "I remember running through racks of clothing in my mother's small boutique in Africa pretending she was a model, a fashionista, and designer on other days. Today is no different. I know it is my calling," Dorcas says.
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